Poetry and Random Written Works

My Poem About Bobby

May 13, 2019

Thyself remembers nights we shared talking

All the time I dedicated to you

For so long I felt a sense of longing

Alas, i've discovered that not be true

I can finally enjoy the sunlight

Having thee in mind is a forebeared goal

Thou nay longer embodies so much fright

Although, to me, thou owns a gentle soul

We have blossomed into our own flowers

Our intents art no longer after hours

Explicit Brown Eyes

May 18, 2019

what I once felt is indescribable

it's like I was in love without desire

you to hold qualities so likable

emotions that haven't completely expired

our online talks were filled with nudity

flames over our bodies fully awry

there was a time I craved you, brutally

I look at your tan, brown eyes and I cry

never was there any labels present

our exchanges were always kept hidden

our little secret, every picture sent

thoughts remained in my brain, never written

you have moved on, you have a girlfriend now

but Bobby, you will always have me wowed

Sucky Art Stuff :/

the hippie poster i made 'the Summer of Love'

my psychedellic mushrooms painting 'Psychedellic Cubensis'